Holiday Hope: Get Christmas Cards and So Much More!

The holidays are almost here! Time for shopping, gift giving, card sending, baking, feasting and, most importantly, spreading HOPE this season. Looking for hope-giving ideas? Starting today, I will be posting several ways to spread joy where it’s desperately needed. Some ways will involve directly helping with a need while others will provide you with a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life with the proceeds benefitting a great cause. 

Let’s get started!

Got your Christmas cards, yet? Even if you have already picked out your favorite box set and sent out greetings to every cousin on your list (in which case, I’m VERY impressed-will you address my cards, too?), why not send out a few more for a good cause?

Hope for the Homeless

Coalition for the Homeless, a Central Florida agency which provides meals, shelter for entire families (a rarity), education, advocacy and numerous other services for the homeless, is offering holiday card sets for sale. The cards are simple but elegant with a red background and white script. Two families impacted by the Coalition’s efforts are featured on the back. Inside, a message tells the recipient that, by purchasing the card for them, you made a donation to the Coalition.

So, not only are you giving Aunt Molly a Christmas card, you are also giving her the gift of a donation to a worthy organization in her honor! Plus, the price is affordable. At $2 per card…they come in boxes of 10…it’s approximately what you pay for fancy foil cards, anyway. Expect to receive your order in five business days.

Own a business? Coalition for the Homeless will also customize your card with your company logo…offering another great way to show your clients how much your company cares.

Here’s the link to the info and order sheets: Holiday Card order form

Feed the Hungry

For a few dollars more, you can help out another great Central Florida organization: Second Harvest Food Bank. The food bank distributes donated food to hundreds of Central Florida agencies. Their $5 holiday cards feature a green background with a child’s handwritten wish list. The inside greeting also explains to your recipient that you have donated to the food bank on their behalf. Here’s the amazing part: they will address and send your cards for you! I’m not kidding! And the best part? The proceeds from each card provide twenty meals for those in need! Seriously!!! 

For more info: Holiday Cards

TONS of Other Causes

If you’re interested in sending cards in support of other causes, check out Good Cause Greetings and Cards for Causes. Both offer several categories of organizations…from the environment to health…education to international…and so much more. Each category is filled with tons of causes. Plus, you can choose from many different card styles. 

Join me in sending greetings with a purpose…and spreading hope…this holiday season!

Next up…

Have you purchased a pair of shoes to go with your holiday outfit? In the next blog, I’ll be sharing a great way to spread a little hope with that simple shoebox.


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