Extra Halloween Candy?

It’s the day after Halloween…and the recovery has begun. Cleaning up cobwebs, putting away costumes, sorting candy…lots and lots of candy. Unless you had a late night trick-or-treating rush by the middle school boys wearing monster masks, you’re like me and have a sack or two of the sweet stuff left over. What to do with the extra confections…besides leaving them out to tempt us with all that sugary goodness and potential weight gain? Fortunately, we have a few options to do good things with our extra candy.

If you are out of candy but still want to participate in one of these great goody give-a-ways, now is the time to purchase more candy. Stores have slashed the price of Halloween themed sweets so you can get some really good deals.

Care Packages for the Troops

Hundreds of dentist offices across the country are offering a candy buy-back. Most are holding their buy-backs today, but you might find some offices willing to take candy over the next few days. If your children are the ones handing over their candy, they can earn neat prizes (like light-up toothbrushes) or get paid an average of a $1 per pound of candy. The candy typically is donated to Operation Gratitude to put in care packages for troops. Our extra candy makes great gifts for homesick servicemen and women. However, they also use the candy to build relationships with the children in the areas where they are serving.

For more information on Operation Gratitude or see how you can help them directly: http://www.opgratitude.com/

To search for a participating dentist and learn more about the buy-back program: http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/

Keep Giving to Kids

Many organizations that work with kids are looking for sweet treats. Check with your local Ronald McDonald House (visit www.rmhc.org to locate one near you) and see if they accept candy donations.

Also, children’s programs at churches use candy for various activities and events. Many ministries, especially small churches with equally small budgets, appreciate any extra candy you can offer.  

Sweets for Seniors

Of course adults of all ages love candy and organizations like Meal on Wheels (www.mowaa.org) can help you distribute your stash. Visit their website to find your local program, then search their needs list for candy requests.

For a personal touch, pass out bags of candy at a local nursing home.  Fill sandwich bags with your extra candy…or pick up treat bags at the party store for an extra special touch…then drop off bags at the front desk. Of course, if you can pass out bags in person, you’re guaranteed to make the residents’ day. Either way, be sure to call the nursing home first to make arrangements.

Have fun giving away your candy!


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