Saturday is…

Logo courtesy of USA WEEKEND Magazine

“Make a Difference Day!” While every day is a new day for making the world a better place, this Saturday is officially set aside for us all to contribute at the same time. Know of a need that’s been tugging at your heart but you just haven’t had a moment to act? Then Saturday is the day! Whatever we decide to do, be it plant flowers at a community building, hand out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless, or help a friend paint his living room, let’s do kind deeds to make others smile.

Not sure what to do? USA WEEKEND Magazine, creator of “Make a Difference Day,” has a database filled with suggestions. You can search for an event near you or add details about your own project. After the day is complete, submit your event pictures and details to the magazine and you may win an award or $10,000 for your favorite charity!

To find out more information or download resources, visit

So let’s join millions of people all over the world (2,000 people are expected to show up in El Salvador!); including celebs like Shaq and other NBA players, for one big day of sharing and caring together.


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