Hope for Ghanian Kids

“If you want to be our friends, be careful…you will probably end up serving in another country or state.” My husband and I jokingly tell people we meet. Actually, we’re only half joking. It seems many of our friends do move away to work for missions, aid organizations or ministries. While we miss them, we are thankful we get the chance to visit them. Plus, those visits have taken us to some very unique places-and given me the inspiration for this blog!

One of those places was Ghana. Last November, we had the privilege of visiting friends in this country in West Africa. Alan and Tywonn spent most of 2009 living and working in Accra, the capital city. Thrilled to visit this “new to us” land, we enjoyed ten wonderful days with our friends. As a part of our time with them, I had the chance to visit Tywonn’s special project.

Tywonn, who is a registered nurse, discovered Beacon House orphanage soon after moving to Accra. They needed nursing help and so she spent a few days each week volunteering to care for the children. She took the children to medical check-ups and prepared the orphanage staff to care for each children’s unique physical needs. Several of the children are HIV positive, while others have a host of illnesses…many of which are the result of malnutrition or limited prenatal care. The children stole my heart and I instantly saw why they were Tywonn’s delight.

Fast forward…

After returning to the United States last December, Tywonn missed working with the kids. So she stayed in touch with the orphanage director and arranged a return visit. After much anticipation, she left yesterday for the journey back across the Atlantic to the country, children, and friends she fell in love with last year.

And Tywonn will not be traveling light…Reality, The Church, in Lake Mary, Florida, has formed a relationship with Beacon House with Tywonn’s help. They gathered and donated enough supplies (formula, cloth diapers, diaper cover, baby clothing, toothpaste, and much more) to fill Tywonn’s two suitcases (total weight=100 pounds)! The orphanage depends on donations such as the one Reality is sending-I know they will be excited to receive the gift!

After delivering the gifts, Beacon House will keep Tywonn busy. Giving out hugs, bandaging booboos and shuttling kids to the clinic…her skills are invaluable to the children and staff. She will also help welcome an HIV positive toddler who will be arriving during her stay. She will be taking the child for a full medical checkup and help the staff determine the best ways to care for the child’s needs-they appreciate having a trained nurse deciphering the doctor’s treatment plan!

Tywonn’s trip will last ten days. I will post her story and pictures, plus more about Beacon House, when she returns…so stay tuned!


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