Seek, See and Do

Empty eyes…blank stares that pierce compassionate hearts. We see those looks on TV or at a concert intermission as the rich and famous convince us to donate “the amount you would spend on your coffee each day” to help a child in Africa…Central America…Asia. But do those hopeless looks only exist in remote villages? Our view of pain and sadness is all around us. Whether it be inside our homes or down the street, we see suffering because of loneliness, violence, illness, or poverty every day. News organizations thrive on those stories. Their headlines fill our computer screens and pop up on our PDAs. It sems the percentage of uplifting news actually published by major news organizations is quite low. If you are like me, after days of being inundated with sad or anger-provoking stories, I wonder if we can ever have enough “good” to outnumber to “bad.”

 Truthfully, I believe the world does have more love than pain. We just have very few moments to see it. Many people and organizations are making a difference. While the Red Cross, Compassion International, and celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Bill Clinton are able to garner international audiences for their causes, others are quietly spreading joy with little or no fanfare.

So here is the reason for this blog…to highlight the hope in our world views. I will search out the encouraging stories of world changers, whether big wave makers or small fish in the sea of need, and share them here. Together, we can experience their stories, their hearts, their passions and applaud their deserving efforts.

Window shopping is great, however, being a part of the display gives even more joy. By also embracing a need that tugs at my heart and for which I have the resources to lend a hand, I can also be a part of the solution for a hurting world. As I search for opportunities, I will also share them with you. Some might be perfect for me, other options may be just right for you, and many may be ways we can help out together! Whether we help out people, periwinkles, or polar bears, lets just be part of the hope in this world! And, if you know of a way we can help out, or know of a person who is, share it with us all!

So the best news is…Hope really is In Sight.


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